Foot reflexology

Foot Reflexology

Your feet contain over 7000 nerve endings, laid out along various reflex areas. These nerve endings run up the feet, into the spinal cord, and branch out into corresponding organs. Acupressure points are also found on the feet. They are receptors of the body’s meridians / energy pathways, feeding vital organs. These pathways are often congested due to stressors in the body, and result in sluggish functioning of organs. When specific pressure techniques are applied to these areas, physiological changes take place within the body.

Vacuflex Boots

Involves specially designed boots, which are placed on the feet, and a vacuum is created.  It applies pressure to all the reflexes of the feet simultaneously.  When the vacuum is released, blood is forced into the feet, giving the circulatory system a boost.  Another key feature of the Vacuflex Concept is the thermal imaging that is left on the feet for 15-30 seconds after the boots are removed.  This is a beneficial assessment tool as it can indicate areas of the body effected by high acid levels, excessive mucous, areas experiencing stress, as well as candida.

Vacuflex Cupping

Rubber suction cups are placed on acupressure points as well as along meridian pathways.  This increases blood flow and moves energy, feeding vital organs.